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This Chatroom is a Wikidot powered web-application.

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Pages used

How it works

The “chat” category is autonumbered. This is so instant messages can be added without duplicate page names. In addition, this allows for simultaneous page creations without instability problems.

The CSS code from chat:_css is applied to the “chat” category. This wipes the page clean, so that an entire window space can be used for the message editor. It also manipulates the message editor to make it clean and minimal for use in the chat room. This page contains the CSS data for the chat-message class, which specifies the layout of messages within the conversation.

The chat:_javascript page is where all the magic happens. It contains the code necessary for automatic conversation updating; which makes it possible for the conversation to automatically update only when you or somebody else posts a new message.

The chat:_newest page enables the conversation window to identify whether a new post has been made.

The chat:_template page allows for message previews in the chat conversation, in addition to automatic redirecting to the conversation when finished.

And the most important page, chatroom, funnily enough, is the Chat Room.

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